You can synchronize files to SharePoint using the following methods:

Saving a File in Visual Studio Code

SPGo supports three optional actions for when you save (<ctrl>+s or file->save) a local file:

  • Publish a major version of the file to SharePoint
  • Publish a minor version of the file to SharePoint
  • Save a copy of the file to SharePoint, but do not publish a major or Minor version.

You can configure, or reconfigure, which method is used by running the SPGo> Configure Workspace command.

Publishing a File using Commands

Using the context menu items when you right-click on a file in your local workspace, you can chose to publish a major or minor version of your file to SharePoint. Publish a Major or Minor version of the currently open file is possible using the <alt> + <shift> + p and <alt> + p hotkeys.

Publishing your full workspace

You can publish all folders within your local workspace using the command >SPGo: Publish local Workspace. This command will publish a Major version of each file within the src folder of your local workspace to SharePoint.