ADFS authentication is commonly used by SharePoint Online (Office 365) or on-premise instances which are secured by a 3rd party IAM solution. Your username can take the format of an email address or a domain login when prompted for login credentials.

Additional Configuration

To specify ADFS authentication, set the authenticationType property to ADFS in your spgo.json file, or by selecting the “ADFS” option when configuring your local environment with the SPGO> Configure Workspace command.

When using ADFS Authentication outside of Office 365, you will need to specify additional details in this node describing the ADFS url and relying party.

    "authenticationDetails": {
        "relyingParty": "[relying party]",
        "adfsUrl": "[ADFS Url]"



SPGo uses the excellent node-sp-auth library under the covers. The author has detailed documentation on ADFS authentication setup here.