note: this documentation is currently in the process of being updated.

Scenario 1: Publishing Bundled Files

These files are often found in a separate folder outside of the /src directory in your workspace (e.g. /dist).

Scenario 2: Publishing Specific Files

By default, the publishWorkspace command will publish all files in the src directory. There are times where you may want to only publish a specific subset of files, or you may want to publish to a different folder than you have mapped in your local src directory.

Publish all Minified Files

Using glob notation to only publish files which have been minified. note: this assumes your minified files are named <filename>.min.<ext>.

    "publishWorkspaceOptions": {
        "globPattern" : "/**/*.min.*"

Publish all Files to a Specific Folder

    "publishWorkspaceOptions": {
        "destinationFolder" : "/SiteAssets/project",