Command Name

SPGo: Publish a minor version of the current file


Publish a minor version of the current file to SharePoint. This command will perform the following actions:

  • Check to see if the file is checked out. If not, the current file will be checked out
  • Prompt the user for a publishing message
  • A minor version of the file will be published to the server, including the user-entered publishing message
  • The current file check-out will be preserved

note: A default publishing message can be set using the checkInMessage parameter defined in the spgo.json configuration file.

Advanced Usage

You can publish an entire folder at once, by left-clicking on the folder in the Visual Studio Code Explorer window and executing the SPGo: Publish a major version of the current file command.

Available from

  • Hotkey: <alt>+<p>
  • File Explorer Context Menu
  • Visual Studio Code Command Window