Contributed properties

Configuration properties above and beyond the base minima properties have been defined at the site and page level

Site Level #

The following properties are configured in the _config.yml file.


The subtitle property sets the breadcrumb root node name. If not provided, the root node will default to the `site.titleā€ property.

subtitle: Your Subtitle


The header_pages node is used to overwrite the default site navigation. For more information on using header_pages, check out [Navigation Options]{/yaght/general/navigation}.

  - name:
    title: About Page
    url: /about
  - name:
    title: About Page 2
    url: /about2

Page Level #

The following properties can be individually set on each page by editing the front matter section.


default: []

Assign a blog post a category. The page.category property can either be a single string, or a comma-separated array of strings.

default: ""

The value that will display:

  • As an <h1> tag at the top of the page
  • As the title of the tab on your browser


default: ""

Only available on the Project Page template. By default, the Project Page will display the GitHub repository image. If you want to display a different image, you can specify it here.


default: false

Set this to true to prevent the breadcrumb control from rendering on this page.