• How to use the VSCode local storage API

    The VSCode key-value storage is a powerful but under-documented API. I will show you how to use this feature to store project or extension-wide data.

  • Steal My Idea: DevFunded

    The Enterprise world runs on open source software1. It is possible for large organizations like the RedHat foundation to operate in a self-sufficient manner, and companies like Facebook can fund internal support for libraries like React, but there are hundreds of thousands of free libraries (npm, alone, hosts over 995,000 packages2) that are supported at no charge by independent developers3.

  • Build SharePoint Web Solutions with the Power of Visual Studio Code

    SPGo allows you and your team to develop SharePoint web solutions from your local PC using the power of Visual Studio Code. Now you can build and customize SharePoint sites source-control first with all of the power of a top-tier IDE.

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